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Written by Patrick McNamara

Enemies have been a band since 2007. And if you’ll hang on a minute while I get out my calculator and punch in a few numbers here…...we’ll find that 2007 was 6 going on 7 years ago. And I’m just writing about them now. Hardly up-and-coming, Oh My Suckness. Well...they’re up-and-coming to me. And should I not share their goodness because I’m late in discovering their beauty? I should hope not.

There are four members of Enemies (Mark! Eoin! Lewis! Oisin!) and they are from Wicklow, Ireland - a leisurely 50 minute drive south of Dublin (thanks, Wikipedia!). They make mathematical rock ‘n roll musical notes that oodle and noodle their way toward sublime guitar transcendence. Think Chicago, Illinois USA 1995 (Cap’n Jazz) meets Oxford, England UK 2010 (Foals). Give or take a year or two off either end. And then add a couple months. Before remembering to forget that this whole historical genre placement thing ever happened.

Enemies used to be an instrumental band. And then this year (which, as of this writing, is still 2013 for another... hang on let me grab the ‘ol calculator and punch her in... for another 28 days), Enemies put out their second album (releasing two albums in 6, almost 7, years doesn’t make me feel as bad about being left behind) that magically had some vocals. Good call on that. A voice can be a wonderful instrument... when used in moderation. Like, if a song requires you to sing “hey!” - just sing “hey!” Cut out all that “heyyyyyyyyyy-ayyyyy-ayyyyy” nonsense. Or, do whatever you want. It’s your journey, man.

You can get that 2nd album from Topshelf Records (the label that also recently put out three more of my new favorite bands: Crash of Rhinos + Frameworks + Sirs). And you should do that. Because it’s really good. Here. I’ll post the whole thing for you. Wait. Let me find it. OK. Got it. There. Done.

This band profile has been written in real time. And now I leave it to forever be dated in the past. One day it will be as old as 2007 was today. Which was... hang on I gotta punch her in again..... yep, still 6 going on 7 years ago.

Published December 3, 2013



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