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Photo Cred: A. Wilchak (via Facebook)

Written by Patrick McNamara

Gingerlys are a five-piece (pieces include the following humans: Jackie + Matthew + Colin + Kevin + Brian) that play super catchy indiepop that comes with solid swirls, pleasant strums, and jubilant jingle jangles. This will put you in a better mood so get hep to the goodness and watch that pep return to your step.

Gingerlys play shows a whole lot (we've listed so many on this blob) and while I'm not 100% sure why, I wonder if the band would agree with my working theory that bands who practice and play a bunch of shows become better bands. Perhaps this heady hypothesis is better answered by different articles on smarter screens. I just blob here.

Scanning the master compu-list on my archival digi-gregator I register that Gingerlys have recently played shows with these other fine bands: Frankie Cosmos + Lost Boy? + Pill + Leave the Planet + Palehound + and that's just naming bands I've written about recently, I'm telling you this compu-list goes on for reams and reams and reams. Now let's talk streams.

The band released their debut EP “Jumprope" to great acclaim by me whenever I listen to it. You too can conveniently listen to all four songs directly below because I took the trouble of sourcing it from the World Wide Intrasphere for you. I was happy to do it because it's good and you deserve nice things but just make sure you press play OK because it was really hard copy/pasting the embed code to the intrapage located in the calibrated digimin of our 3.0 tronopod so if you don't even listen to it it will be like I did all that work for nothing which is a feeling I experience almost every day as a music blobber but that doesn't mean it gets any easier but nooooooo pressure seriously it's all good either way.

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Published May 25, 2015



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