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Written by Patrick McNamara

Nashville math punk shredders Gnarwhal have been a band for years and years but I'm just profiling them now on Rockness for the very first time in 2015 A.D. because I'm subscribing to my own Golden Rule: it's never, ever, EVER too late to get into somebody good. And guess what, guys? Gnarwhal is good. Let's get that out of the way right away so there's no misunderstandings moving forward, OK? I fucking hate misunderstandings.

The drum/guitar/vocals duo of Chappy Hull and Tyler Coburn (there used to be more members but they bailed) have put out a bunch of loud and excellently received releases since their formation (what was 2009 even LIKE, mannn?). If you're not familiar with their body of work, good news, their extensive catalog is available for you to stream at your leisure on the WW Intrasphere (please note the split they did with Ovlov (RIP) + Ex-Breathers because that gives me the excuse to link to my kind words about those two excellent bands too). Take some time with those past releases, though. Gnarwhal's beautiful punk brutality should be sipped like a fine wine at a shitty fast food restaurant. Have you ever seen that movie “Sideways?" It came out in 2004. Cool cool cool.

Most recently (June 23, 2015 A.D.), the band released a super solid seven-song album called “Shinerboy" and it rules, basically. Please note the second song is called “Anal Riffage" and it's the best. You can get the 12" from Flannel Gurl Records or the cassette from Exploding in Sound. Or, if you prefer to listen before you buy, you can stream the whole thing directly below this dynamic original music blob content. It's good to have options.

I feel bad not getting into Gnarwhal's goodness before now but not that bad because now is all there ever is and if by some chance you have listened and loved this band from the very beginning that's great for you please brag about it some more in the comments section this music blob has thankfully never had.

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Published July 20, 2015



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