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Written by Patrick McNamara

Gothenburg, Sweden's Makthaverskan are a band of five (Maja + Irma + Andreas + Gustav + Hugo) that play shimmering indiepop with dreamy jingles and some hard-edged jangles. It's more punk than precious but with plenty of pop. And as an added bonus, Maja is a singer who can actually sing. Wow! Rare! Mint! This is a really good band and since they've been around for several years now perhaps you already know that. If so, cool for you. For the rest of us, please remember that it's never too late to get into something good and let's read on.

Since forming sometimes circa near 2009, Makthaverskan have released several fine releases and you can access just about all of them via the World Wide Intrasphere. I say start with their second full-length album “Makthaverskan II" the band released in 2013 on Run For Cover (file under: good label). It's excellent and I listen to it all the time (track #2 is the hit but all nine songs are solid). You can stream the entire thing directly below these dynamic words and I hope you do.

Makthaverskan don't play the States too often - Sweden is kind of far - but it has been known to happen. You just missed them play NYC recently, actually. But don't be too sad. Save them using your "My Rockness" account now and next time get notified the minute they play around here again. I will list and recommend a Makthaverskan show instantly, forever, always. So help me blob.

FuN fAcT: I very recently wrote a profile (around 1:23 PM on this very day in The Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) on another really good Gothenburg band called Westkust and did you know both Hugo and Gustav from Makthaverskan are in that band too? Now you know and now you see that goodness always comes full circle while we all go up and down and around and around just riding on the carousel of time.

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Published May 25, 2015



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