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Written by Patrick McNamara

Gothenburg, Sweden's Westkust are an excellent indiepop band that swirls and gazes and jingles and jangles with the best of them. You're going to like the way they sound. So help me blob. Think dueling male/female vocals over accessible noise of the most pleasant kind, and then if those thoughts seem appealing and chill you're well on your way to thinking about your new favorite band.

Westkust's music is heavy but toe tapping too because this band brings both the thunder and the bounce. You want pedals, punch, and fuzz? You got it. But you also want to sing along to pretty melodies floating above the layers? You betcha. You're gonna get all that. Mmm-hmm. And how!

Westkust are comprised of five fine people (Philip + Rikard + Gustav + Julia + Hugo + we've never met) and they've been playing around for a few years (never in the States, though - I'm 98% sure of this - please leave me the 2% for wiggle room, though) but only just recently released their debut full-length (April 22, 2015 - which is recent when I'm writing this at 10:34 AM in the Year That I'm Writing This).

The album is called “Last Forever" and you can stream the entire thing below thanks to my Herculean efforts sourcing it for you via the World Wide Intrasphere. SPOILER ALERT: it rules. I've listened to it many times which means it's time to put my money where my streams are and buy the real thing via Run For Cover (home to: Basement + Adventures + Pity Sex + Turnover + Whirr + well, lots of good bands).

Random observations of the finest kind: Gustav's voice reminds me of the singer in The Vaccines (I don't remember his name and I certainly don't have access to a super machine capable of sourcing that intel) and Julia's voice reminds me of someone with a good voice. Hope this helps!

Please note: Hugo and Gustav also play in the band Makthaverskan (also on Run For Cover) and they rule too. Seriously. They do. But I'll blob about them later.

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RIYL: The Pleasant Pageantry of Good Dreams

Published May 25, 2015



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