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Operator Music Band

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Operator Music Band is a post ____ psych ____ proggy ____ punk ____ band that's got the skittish grooves that screech and boom. This is angular, man. AN-GU-LAR.

Even though this crew of four (the world isn't ready for their first and last names just yet) are still fairly new, they've already played out a bunch, sharing the stage with Big Ups, Japanese Breakfast, Painted Zeroes, Fern Mayo, Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab (I hear that band's influence here, fo sho) and more but I'm going to cut it off there because I can't be naming good bands all day I've got shows to list on my really great local music blob.

The band recently released their debut EP. It's called “Puzzlephonics I" and I'm hooked - it works for me. You can stream the entire thing directly below and I highly encourage you to do so otherwise why the hell did I just spend all those seconds sourcing the embed code for you from the wilds of InTerWebz?

Enjoy the grooves - works best if you blast it.

(P.S. this band used to be called Operator but then changed their name - perhaps so as not confuse peeps with Operators, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade's other band - and I guess there's another Operator band from L.A. that plays "post grunge" and is fronted by a martial artist/actor named "Johnny Strong" but this isn't that band either THANK GOD)

Published February 15, 2016



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