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Written by Patrick McNamara

Petal is an excellent pop rock band from Scranton led by Kiley Lotz and a revolving crew of collaborators.

The band released their debut EP in 2013. The whole thing is good but I think I like the harmonies best.

Listen to it.

Done listening? Cool. Let's now move a little closer to present day.

Petal recently released their debut full-length album on Run For Cover (home to: Crying, Cloakroom, Pinegrove, Turnover, Westkust and, well, let's stop rattling off good bands now you get the idea). It's called “Shame" and it's good. The label says the record draws influence from Death Cab for Cutie and Pedro the Lion and who am I to say different they put out the thing.

Listen to it.

The band has also played out a whole bunch in support of these records, including shows with Somos, Modern Baseball, Pity Sex, LVL UP, Jawbreaker Reunion, Frankie Cosmos, Potty Mouth, Makthaverskan and, well, let's stop rattling off good bands now you get the idea.

Anyway, please go see Petal at your earliest convenience if you're the type that likes going to see good bands and if you're not what the hell are you doing reading this little local music blob for, man.

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Published February 1, 2016



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