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Written by Patrick McNamara

PWR BTTM (they didn't have the money to buy some vowels or fix their CAPS LOCK key) is a duo from Hudson, NY that plays instantly catchy PWR GRG PP and you might like it if you like singing along to good sing-along songs. Also recommended if you're into happiness and the feeling you get when you find free money.

The band is Ben Hopkins (vocals/guitar) + Liv Bruce (drums) and they met at Bard. Other notable alumni of Bard include Chevy Chase + Blythe Danner + Todd Haynes + Donald Fagen of Steely Dan. Thanks, Wikiepdia!

Since forming there somewhere circa 2014, PWR BTTM has put out some releases which can be greedily consumed and delightfully enjoyed by you right here. But I would like to draw your attention specifically to the band's full-length debut called “Ugly Cherries" that came out in September of The Year That I'm Writing This A.D. because it's the most recent and it may be the most good. I'll let YOU make the call.

You can stream the entire album directly below because I took the trouble of sourcing the embed code for you because I'm always doing sweet things like that. And when you're ready to buy the real McCoy, head over to Father/Daughter Records (a very good label that's home to these very good bands: Diet Cig + Happy Diving + Rivergazer + Cocktails + Bent Shapes + these are just the bands I've also written about for this blob that's why they're linked like that).

In summation, PWR BTTM is a good band and maybe if they become famous they can finally afford vowels and a replacement CAPS LOCK key. Tuition at Bard is currently $49,906 per year, after all. Thanks, Google!

Also, here's a classic scene from the classic movie "Fletch." Since we were talking about Chevy Chase and all.

Published October 12, 2015



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