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Written by Patrick McNamara

LISTEN UP. Cleveland’s Runaway Brother are set to release their debut full-length album for the excellent label Tiny Engines (Cayetana + Somos + Beach Slang + The Hotelier + Mannequin Pussy + on and on the goodness goes) so now’s a great time to decide to get into them. Because then you could all be like, “I was into Runaway Brother before their first record even came OUT, man” and everyone would applaud/bow down/tremble at your feet or whatever it is you expect to happen when you brag about knowing about bands before they were big.

This catchy crew of four (Jacob + Charlie + Ian + another Ian) play super solid punk pop (not to be confused with pop punk - we have been over the not-so-subtle nuance of the word flip before) that’s both accessible and shredful (no - SIC YOU). Runaway Brother are gonna hit you hard with these riffs and intensely emo vocals, but at least you’ll be singing along as they take you down with their quick and efficient power hooks. And then you can look up from the ground at the sky with a smile on your face and think it’s not a bad view from the bottom after all. It's good to get blasted every now and then.

The band has recently played shows (in NYC, anyway) with similarly good bands like Dads + Slingshot Dakota + Vasudeva and I hope this information helps. With what, I’m not exactly sure. I guess I just wanted the excuse to mention more good bands on this thing. Maybe they’re born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

I have taken the liberty of sourcing a song from Runaway Brother’s full-length debut (“Mother”) that I mentioned two paragraphs previously and have posted it for your streaming pleasure below. It’s called “Moth" and I think you might like it. And if you do, cool, that means we can hang out. And we'll spend the whole time bragging about bands we've seen and were into before they were big. Sounds like a REAL fun night.

Published February 1, 2015



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