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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Shorts are a brand new brightly free pop band I know next to nothing about (as the above picture suggests - among other things) except that they are good. And really, what else does one need to know?

God. You’re so demanding. Fine. I’ll tell you a little bit more. The members of Shorts are singer/guitarist Michael Caterer of Melbourne band Love Connection and AUS/NYC’s Scott & Charlene's Wedding + bassist Jonah Maurer of Free Time and some band named Real Estate (please don't read that really old and outdated profile I wrote four years ago) + drummer Dylan Shumaker of Woodsman + Adrian Tregonning of Melbourne band NO ZU.

That was a whole paragraph of information. So I guess I knew more than I thought I knew about Shorts. But I’ve gotta be honest with you and shoot it to ya straight from here on out. I’ve only heard two Shorts songs. But they’re really good songs. Especially “Berlin 1971” - the one I have conveniently posted for you below. It’s got that sweet, sweet guitar jingle jangle, baby. And I’ve listened to it many, many times. My neighbors upstairs are starting to sing it too. (my walls are extremely thin)

I would like to close on a more somber note. I want to ask you a tough question. Please give it thought before you answer. This is important. If you had to pick one place in the world that you haven’t been to before that you want to go to - where would you pick? Money is no object.

Think this through. This is not exactly a Sophie’s choice, but it’s a serious one to be sure.

Just so you know. I have already got mine. It's Australia. I really want to go to Australia.

Published March 31, 2014



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