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Written by Patrick McNamara

Skatebored: MORE than just the best new band name.

(Seriously. How was this amazing band name even still available? New bands are now not using vowels in their names and shit because they think all the good names are already taken, yet here was a perfectly boss name “Skatebored" ripe for the picking if only they used their brains a bit before deciding to go with PNC TTCK or LTTL FLWR or DP SHT or whatever).

So what does this new band (Brooklyn's) Skatebored sound like? I'll answer the question I wish you would've asked right now. They sound exactly like what a band named Skatebored should sound like! Hope this helps!

OK. I'll try harder.

Think good lo-fi fuzz meets good melodies meets dogs meets cowboys meets Mars meets the absence of pain and you might be on the right track. Or, you could be TOTALLY off! Whatevs! It doesn't matter! The stakes aren't that high! It's only rock 'n roll, yo. I'm OK. You're OK. Everything is CHILL.

Below you may blast two brand new Skateboard songs. I seriously hope you do. Not just because I took the trouble to find them for you (I'll never get those 7 seconds back) but because they're good and I wish for you to have nice things in your life. Cool?

(P.S. this band features Steve of Ovlov - love that band! - and two other peeps who have probably been in other chill bands as well but I can't confirm that information at this time because Skatebored is so new and stuff and there's just not that much out there and that's what happens when your music blob is the blob behind the blob behind the blob)

Important note: http://skatebored420.bandcamp.com/ is the address to this band's World Wide Blob. Haha! That is SO Skatebored!

Published June 5, 2016



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