((WALL)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

WALL is from New York City. They play The Punk Rock.

(The punk rock players = Vanessa Gomez + Vince McClelland + Elizabeth Skadden + Samantha York.)

You know what they say, practice practice practice (coupled with performance performance performance) perfects the punk rock craft and I do believe WALL is getting there, man.

If my math is right - and it rarely is - it looks like WALL played over 20 shows (!) in NYC alone over the last year (sharing bills with good bands like Pill, Fear of Men, Future Punx, Beverly and too many more to discuss here who has the time)….and those are just the shows we listed....maybe they played more...they probably did...Oh My Rockness is only two people and we tried to get them all....it takes #hustle....it takes #heart.

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and make a bold claim that WALL is a virtual LOCK to make our "Hardest Working Bands of 2016" list and if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about please read our 2015 and 2014 "Hardest Working Bands" features and then you will.

You can listen to WALL's self-titled EP (released via Wharf Cat Records in January of 2016 A.D) below if you want. You should. It's good.

Works best if you blast it.

This is.

The. Punk. Rock.

Published March 21, 2016



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