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London’s Wolf Alice is a new band of four that should be pretty popular. Maybe they already are pretty popular over there “Across the Pond” (i just made that term up right now). Who knows what the hell goes on there over there. They don’t even have cell phones. They have mobiles.

Led by singer Ellie Rowsell, the band rocks a new version of ‘90s “alternative music” (i just made up that term right now too). You know, that sound that had those guitars that sometimes sounded a little....what’s the word....grunge-y? Yeah. That’s it. But sometimes Wolf Alice guitars also go all noodle-y. You like those noodles sometimes, right? Right. Also, in their quieter moments Wolf Alice can even sound a bit....what’s the word...lush? Yeah. That’s it. Lush.

This is all very melodic and accessible and very radio ready...if this were 1995. In 2013, Wolf Alice is all very streamable. Very, very streamable. Think Elastica. Veruca Salt. Hole. Mazzy Star. Garbage. Silversun Pickups. Wait. What? Band comparisons are silly. But I still do them. All. The. Time.

Listen to Wolf Alice’s song “Every Cloud.” Note. It’s not a great representation of Wolf Alice at their most ‘90s grunge-y. This is one of those times they sound lush. It’s a good song. But sample some more to really get what they’re throwing down. You know? Yeah. You know.

(Wolf Alice should tour with Speedy Ortiz....and I should mind my own business.)

Published May 1, 2013



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