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Your Friend

Written by Patrick McNamara

Your Friend is the super smooth post ____ folk ____ pop project of Taryn Miller, straight outta Winfield, Kansas.* She makes moody melodies that will make you feel both warm and haunted all over. Get ready for this not only to get into your head but to dance under your skin a bit.

As of this writing (9:57am in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) Your Friend is currently on tour with Porches & Alex G (they're both real good too - you heard it here FOURTH) in support of her new debut full-length album “Gumption" (following her self-recorded debut EP in 2014) which was recently released by the seemingly forever excellent record label, Domino.

If you like Beach House, you might like Your Friend. There's a similar vibe going on. It's a good vibe. You might also like Your Friend if you like the following: good music, songs that sound good, bands, instruments, pizza, ice cream, puppies, finding free money on the street and claiming it but only after you exhausted every available option to get it back to its rightful owner, waking up and thinking it's a work day for a second and then realizing it's Saturday and the total relief you feel right before rolling over and going back to sleep, and people being nice to you. Hope this helps!

You can now stream Your Friend's "Gumption" in full directly below. All thanks to me. Well, and Your Friend....for making it.

Please listen to and love it now or at your earliest convenience.

*Winfield, Kansas's population is 12,301 according to the 2010 Census (thanks, Wikipedia!) but maybe it's 12,300 now because I think Taryn Miller moved to Lawrence I'll be sure have my team of DIY music blob researchers confirm this ASAP and let you know

Published April 11, 2016



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