((Yucky Duster)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

"Melodious! Harmonious!

Snappy! Peppy!

Snazzy! Sassy!

Incorrigible! 100% not horrible!"

These are words I just randomly start shouting to myself when I blast Yucky Duster, a fun new band of four (Maggie! Luca! Madeline! Zack!) from Brooklyn that make buoyant post twee* pop that often punks the f*#% out. It swings, too!

Since forming sometime circa 2015 A.D. (that's when we first listed one of their shows, anyway) Yucky Duster has played shows with Fraternal Twin, Peach Kelli Pop, Patio, Big Ups, Gingerlys, Greys and lots more good bands but I can't be listing the names of other good bands all day.

If you're interested in a getting in a better mood than the one you're in (sounds like somebody's gotta case of the 2016s!) I highly suggest blasting Yucky Duster's self-titled debut album and discover this goodness for yourself once and for all.

I've conveniently posted the record for you below. It's no problem. Happy to help improve your current disposition. When you're happy….I'm happy.

Blast away and have fun!

(I wonder what words YOU will shout to yourself as you listen.)

* if you're not comfortable with the probably made-up music term "post twee," Yucky Duster uses the following tags on their bandcamp page: "pop" "pop punk" "doowop garage" and "butt rock"

Published October 10, 2016



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