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Earl Greyhound space-psych-hazes it out.

December 12, 2008
NYC's Earl Greyhound are an explosive trio that blasts back to the past. The band's bread-and-butter is straight-up classic rock, complete with high-pitched vocal wails and thunderous guitar/bass riffs. These two men and one woman will certainly make you think of Zeppelin as they attack the stage, but with the power-pop melodies of someone like Queen. You can throw in Wolfmother, too, if contemporary references are more your thing.

What's great about Earl Greyhound is that they know when to say when with the hazy jam-outs and space-y tangents that's found all too often in this retro genre. Mostly they just stick to rocking out. And if they ever make a Dazed and Confused 2 (last day of college?), Earl Greyhound should be all over that soundtrack.

Earl Greyhound plays El Cid, on Thursday, January 1st.


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