Crying - Oh My Rockness

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November 16, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Crying are a band of three (Elaiza! Ryan! Nick!) from Purchase, NY* that play 8-bit popster punk goodness. Intrigued much? Might be your favorite new band much? Want to continue reading much? Great. Let's do it much.

I want to be clear about something straight away so I'm not running anybody up the wrong flagpole here. Crying's music isn't very sad. I've been listening to them a bunch and I haven't weeped once. Actually, this is pretty happy. So I'm not sure what the Crying business is all about. But if I had to guess, these fun glitchy hooks might be saying, “Life is but a game and meaningless so let's trick out this Game Boy, grab a guitar and drums, and weep tears of appreciation that we got to play something so catchy once before we and everyone we know die like dust in the wind, dudes." But I might be bringing my own shit to this. Late November always fucks me up.

So back to the Game Boy. Ryan hacks that kids machine when he's not shredding and it's kind of the star of the Crying show. It will be the first thing you'll appreciate when you press play (which you can totally do below - you can thank me later in real life) and it will be the last thing you hear before you go to bed and dream you're running on cubes and chasing dragons or whatever it is you do. Elaiza sings and she's good at what she does. Nick just drums because someone's gotta hold all this shit together.

The band recently released a couple of EPs as one. It's called “Get Olde/Second Wind." It's good. And you can get it from Run For Cover. Below is the “Get Olde" part. Stream away. Listening to the “Second Wind" part is up to you. You can figure out how. I know you can. Because I believe in you.

*other good bands from Purchase once = Mitski + LVL UP + Frankie Cosmos + SIRS + probably lots more I'm not sure I live in The Brook Lyn and I don't have a car :(


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