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Glasvegas will probably sell lots of records and such.

January 5, 2009
Is it like Glasgow mixed with Las Vegas? That would be so, so awesome. I would have gone with Scotvada, though. But hey, that's why I'm not in a band that's famous over there and about to be famous over here.

Now as a rule, if you're a band from Scotland, you're going to be good. Don't believe me? 15 words and 2 ampersands: Mogwai, Idlewild, Jesus & Mary Chain, Belle & Sebastian, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand, Trashcan Sinatras and Frightened Rabbit. Boom! Another thoroughly researched claim (thanks Wiki!) becomes a cased well closed.

Glasvegas has a very friendly sound that we should probably just call pop. Their songs sometimes start slow and then build to something better (sometimes they even "shimmer"), and their songs also have choruses and bridges and all those kinds of things that sells lots of "units." (An aside: music industry people who say "units" can also be called "tools.")

And Glasvegas look (from this fuzzy monitor) to be an attractive set of three young lads and one young lady. So that definitely helps! I wrote a killer song with a killer chorus once, but it never got played because I was "too ugly" and my face was a "puke-fest with pores." Or so they told me. Anyway, go see Glasvegas and tell me if Scotland keeps its hot streak in tact.


Glasvegas plays The Troubadour on Wednesday, January 14th.


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