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Tom Brosseau plucks towards heartbreak.

January 25, 2009
North Dakota's finest folk troubadour is Tom Brosseau. That he happens to be the only folk troubadour from North Dakota that I'm aware of is strictly beside the point. This guy is good! Listen to his latest album Cavalier on FatCat Records (The Twlight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, Animal Collective) and prepare for some of the richest tales you'll hear sung this year.

I'm not sure whether to cry or just get wasted when I hear this guy sing. How about both? With a highly-distinctive tenor (like Devendra distinctive), Brosseau's sparse acoustic songs soar to heartbreaking heights. It's just kind of beautiful in a most subtle way. Tom Brosseau is for fans of M Ward, Elvis Perkins and Leonard Cohen.

Tom Brosseau plays Largo, on Thursday, January 29th.


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