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The 5 Best Shows in LA This Week: Stars + Plague Vendor + Viet Cong + Eleanor Friedberger + Swervedriver

March 1, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

It’s March. Congratulations. Well done. Let’s all give each other a hug for making it this far.

Speaking of March, If you happen to be going down to SXSW in two weeks (!) perhaps you’ll want to check out our unofficial SXSW show/party guide? It officially RULES.

But nevermind that now. Nevermind that now. Let’s get our heads out of the future and back to the present because there are some good shows going on in LA this week that must be discussed. The fate of the world depends on it.

#1. Eleanor Friedberger - The Echo - Thursday - March 5th - 2015 A.D.

Ex-Ms. Fiery Furnace, Eleanor Friedberger, plays The Echo and it should be a delightful singer/songwriter rock ‘n roller kind of time. What’s her bro, Matthew, been up to lately? I guess I could research it, but……... nah.

#2. Swervedriver - The Roxy - Thursday - March 5th - 2015 A.D.

The mighty Swervedriver have been shoegaze shredding for over 20 years. Did I ever tell you about the time I saw them open for Smashing Pumpkins in 1993? If you’ve never experienced their swirling goodness, it’s not too late. Just show up at The Roxy. It’s never too late. Until it’s too late.

#3. Plague Vendor - The Observatory + The Echo - Thurs/Fri - March 5/6th - 2015 A.D.

A Plague Vendor jam made it onto our Top 14 songs of 2014 list. Go see Whittier’s finest play that and more super solid post-garage pop goodness twice this week at The Observatory and The Echo. No Parents open The Observatory show. They're really good too. Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bam.

#4. Viet Cong - The Echoplex - Friday - March 6th - 2015 A.D.

Calgary post-punk band Viet Cong bring the heat to The Echoplex. Have you heard their new album on Jagjaguwar yet? It’s good. It’s real good. You should go see them play songs from it tonight - and I should mind my own business.

#5. Stars - The Fonda Theatre - Friday - March 6th - 2015 A.D.

Speaking of Canada, Toronto’s Stars shine their merry light on Los Angeles at The Fonda. I know the following Stars songs is mad old (what was 2005 even LIKE, mannnn?) but it’s such a sweet and sad song and I must play it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Listen to it and I think you’ll know why…... as you cry.


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