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The Best Shows in LA This Week: COACHELLA + Ride + Drive Like Jehu + Tame Impala + well, just about EVERYBODY

April 6, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Let's talk about good shows instead of bad shows because it's often a more pleasant way to spend some quality procrastination time, don't you think?

Get ready for goodness. It's real this week.

#1. COACHELLA - Fri/Sat/Sun - April 10/11/12 - 2015 A.D.

Have you ever heard of it? It's somewhere in the desert, I think. Not sure. And my trusted World Wide Intrasphere sources tell me it's more than just two fun filled weekends in the sun. Wikepedia tells me there are a TON of good shows and parties happening all this week and next because of this thing. You should check out The Rockness Guide to Your Coachella Weekend and I should mind my own business.

#2. Matt & Kim - Amoeba Records - Tuesday - April 7th - 2015 A.D.

Free shows are the shit. YOU. SHALL. NOT. PAYYYYY. But if you do go see Matt and Kim play their jubilant party pop (and honestly why wouldn't you - unless “life" gets in the way) maybe buy a little something on the side> An album or 7" or two. New. Used. Whoever. Whatever. Just a little something. It's good to give back to the music that's given so much to you, you know?

#3. Tame Impala - Fox Theater - Pomona - Wednesday - April 8th - 2015 A.D.

If you just can't wait to see Tame Impala at Coachella you can see them tonight in Pomona. Pomona? I hardly even knowa! Consider these guys came from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD to play for you (they're from Australia) travelling to Pomona to see them is the least you can do.

#4. Drive Like Jehu - The Glass House - Wednesday - April 8th - 2015 A.D.

Speaking of Pomona, HOLY FUCKING SHIT DRIVE LIKE JEHU! If you care anything about punk you're going to beg, borrow, plead, and do whatever else it takes to get into this one and see this legendary (yes, legendary) San Diego crew officially begin their reunion tour. Please establish a personal line you won't cross first. Don't get carried away in the heat of the quest for a ticket, now. It's just a concert. It's not worth THAT.

#5. Ride - The Roxy - Wednesday - April 8th - 2015 A.D.

Speaking of legendary and reunion, massive U.K. shoegaze heroes Ride are back in the saddle swirling sweet noise once more. See them at The Roxy tonight before they zoom towards Coachella which is in the desert or something, I think? Anyway, here's one of the greatest pop songs EVER.


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