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Band We Like

Band We Like: Free Throw

April 12, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Free Throw are a super solid punk band from Nashville that will shimmer their way to your twinkle emo heart. Big choruses, big riffs, noodle-y melodies, and good vocals that alternate between a clean tenor and a growl are all part of this band's repertoire. And together they make for some easy buckets, man.

This band of five (Cory + Lawrence + Justin + Zach + Jake) have been around for a bit (what was 2012 even LIKE, mannn?) and you can have fun streaming their historical stream-ography via their digital intrapage on the World Wide Intrasphere. But you might want to start your Free Throw listening experience with something not found on that digital intrapage; the band's debut full-length album “Those Days Are Gone" released by Michigan label Count Your Lucky Stars a little while ago (what was September of 2014 even LIKE, mannn). I think you'll like that one best... if you can find it.

You know what? I'll just try and find it for you. Hang on.

OK GOT IT. You may now conveniently blast that album's goodness right now thanks to my Herculean research efforts on the World Wide Intrasphere. I took on the heavy sourcing responsibility and copy/pasted the embed code so you didn't have to. My pain = your gain. So enjoy it. Works best if you blast it.

File Under: GOOD BAND

RIYL: coaches who utilize the "Hack-a-Shaq" technique as a viable game strategy - it's a little controversial and borders on going against the spirit of the game of basketball - but I say fuck the spirit you should be able to knock down those uncontested shots - that's why it's called a FREE throw - shoot it underhand if you have to - don't be sooooo too cool for school that you cost your team the game you baby.


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