The Oh My Rockness Guide To FYF FEST

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The Oh My Rockness Guide To FYF FEST

August 16, 2015

FYF FEST is this weekend and we have all the super important information for you. 2-day passes are still available for sale - you can buy them here. Kids under 10 get in for free with an adult, too, so bring the kids if you want.

There are also a ton of local club shows happening this week around the festival dates. Most of those are sold out already, but a few still have tickets available. See some big time names in a small sized club! Here's every show we've listed for FYF FEST week.

Don't forget to bring some $, some sunscreen and some earplugs (love your ears).

See you there!


You probably already know all about the headliners, so we picked 10 somewhat smaller bands & artists that we're super excited to see. To find out when and where they're playing, you can check out the full schedule here. You can also download the official FYF FEST app.


Toronto's Alvvays has been blovving up in the last year and vve're pretty sure it's all due to the vvonderfully positive press vve have dished out in generous doses right here on this very music blob (tee-hee!). The band's popularity might also be because they vvrite really good songs and goodness alvvays vvins in the end. Not sure. Anyvvay, and once again vve made all the Ws look like Vs because our copy goes the extra blob.


They've been such a solid band for so many years that it's easy to take their goodness for granted in a strange weird sort of way and then you see them play live again and you watch all the crazy technically precise shit they do and you take them for granted no more. Love Battles. Let's not fight about it.


Vocalist/bassist Harmony Tividad + vocalist/guitarist Cleo Tucker = Girlpool. No. They don't have a drummer. The two play singer/songwriter punk. Now, if you're going to pretend you don't know what I'm talking about when I say singer/songwriter punk, that's fine. It's your journey. You do you. But that's what this is. The songs are catchy and simple (not to be confused with simplistic) and honest. Many of these jams seem wrapped in some pain. I get that. We're all just trying to deal out here. Just trying to make it. "Go to hell. Drink my wine. Everything's fine."


Hop Along is a good band from Philadelphia. They make punk pop that's not pop punk. It's epic and cathartic and tortured and just a really good goddamn listen. Now, I don't like to use the word "awesome" unless I really mean it (i almost always reserve the term for sunsets and chicken pad thai). But I have to tell you something right quick. Frances Quinlan's voice is AWESOME. (and I hardly EVER make use of the CAPS LOCK so you know things just got Triple Dog Dare). Her vocals sound perfectly pleasant sometimes. That's where the pop comes in. And at other times, she sings like pitch perfect sandpaper. That's where the punk comes in. What a good goddamn band.


Joyce Manor is a punk pop band (not to be confused with pop punk - totally different sitch) from Torrance, CA (birthplace of the American Youth Soccer Organization and home to Bo Derek - wow! - thanks, Wikipedia!) who write strong and lamentable sing-songs that will leave you feeling like EMO ISN'T A DIRTY WORD. Listen to their album "Never Hungover Again" when you're hungover and/or sober. And definitely go see them play it live, man.


Sail away on this truth seeking pop sweetness. You may know Kevin Morby from his days in Woods and The Babies. He moved from Brooklyn (goodbye, wonderfully dark days) to Los Angeles (hello, pleasant isolation) and released his first solo album (on Woodsist). It's called "Harlem River." It's really good. You should try it. Ask a wise old river man to ferry you across to experience it (river men are around - you'll see them everywhere - once you start looking). Morby sings easy breezy songs about love and death, the road, god and the devil. So yeah. There's a weight to this. But the heaviness won't get you down. Because when Kevin sings, things sound more resigned than forlorn. "It is what it is so we might as well consider the chill." My words. Not his.


Lower Dens is a band out of Baltimore, but you may already be in love with their smoky, folk-y and psych-y singer. Her name is Jana Hunter. Yeah, I thought you would know that name. Hunter has been playing stripped-down, eccentro-folk to enchanted fans for a while now, and has released some critically acclaimed albums for friend Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong record label. She's not huge, but the people that like her music REALLY like her music. Count me as one of them.


The best shred band currently playing the shredful game, basically. TORONTO WE SEE YOU.


You might know San Francisco's Mikal Cronin if you're a fan of Ty Segall (which I am). He's played in the punk's band forever. Cronin also plays in the well-respected band, Moonhearts. But now Cronin's solo, and his self-titled debut album seems to be on almost everyone's year-end best album shortlist. Why? Because it's so damn catchy, that's why! This is just good old fuzzy garage rock that will leave no one in a worse mood after hearing it. There are so many hooks to this guy he might as well open a bait 'n tackle shop when his rock 'n roll days are behind him. That's good retirement living, right there.


I'm feeling 100% more chill just typing Toro y Moi's name so imagine how chill we will all feel when we see Chaz Bundick do his thing live at FYF Fest this weekend. Alllllllll good.


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