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Band We Like

Band We Like: Dreamcrusher

November 8, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Noise. Sometimes you want it. You need it. You'll flip your shit if you don't get it. During these times I suggest you consider calling on Dreamcrusher to calm your fiending because they bring the noise. And it makes me feel like dancing.

Luwayne Glass (aka Dreamcrusher) is now a New Yorker by way of Wichita, Kansas. They've been blasting and popping for years, but with the relocation, now seems to be the time when noiseheads are finally starting to recognize their roaring blasts of masterfully manipulated thunder.

Since moving here Dreamcrusher has played a TON of shows. I count 30 this year alone. And those are just the ones we listed. This noise is all in. If you go see Dreamcrusher (and I hope you do) and you don't wear earplugs you're fucking nuts. That's cool. There's certainly a place in this world for you too.

Here are a couple of songs to get you worked up. Turn your speakers up. Way up. No headphones. Please note: if you are in a public space right now be prepared for that public to soon hate you. That's fine. They don't get it. Never did. But you and I do.

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