Band We Like: Tall Juan - Oh My Rockness

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Band We Like: Tall Juan

November 15, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Tall Juan is Juan Zaballa. He makes yelp-y jingle jangle garage punk that sounds likes _____ ___ meets ________ meets The ___mones. He lives in Far Rockaway (Queens) but is originally from Buenos Aires (Argentina) which, according to my computer, is 5,295 miles from New York. Let's keep talking!

The first time we listed a Tall Juan show the year was 2014 A.D. and everybody was happy. Since those long forgotten days, Tall Juan has played almost forty shows with another one seemingly being added every week. The dude likes to work. You know who else liked to work? Michael Jordan. Just saying.

Tall Juan's latest EP “Why Not?" was recorded by his roommate named Mac DeMarco. I think I've heard of him. He's the guy who played Jenga and ate popcorn with puppets while singing a cover of Sufjan Stevens' cover of “Hotline Bling" by Drake while sitting in a tiny rowboat playing a tiny keyboard, right? Maybe that was some other guy.

Anyway, you can stream all four songs from that EP below (it includes a cover of “Chinese Rocks" by The __mones). Unless, of course, you don't have five minutes to spare (that's roughly how long the EP is) because you're too busy telling people how so very busy you are. You know who else is busy? Everybody. Especially Tall Juan. That guy never takes a night off. Reminds me of a certain His Airness who scored 38 points in the NBA Finals even though he had the flu. Just saying.

Here's the EP.

And here's Tall Juan covering his roommate.


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