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Band We Like

Band We Like: Adult Books

March 20, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

L.A.'s Adult Books is a post ____ band that sometimes go raw with the punk riffs and sometimes they ride the Wave and go pretty and synth-y and sometimes they go big time with the jingle jangle indie pop bounce. Throw some garage pop in there too. Guess it all depends on their mood, man, but whichever way they run this band always sounds good to me and I do hope after reading the rest of this really great profile and listening to them you'd be inclined to agree.

The band of three longtime friends from Orange County (Nick = guitar/vocals :: Dan = bass :: Sina = drums) recently put out their first full-length album (they've released a couple EPs previously and you can listen to and love them all you want right here) for Lollipop & Burger Records (together these two fine labels have released approximately 3,750,500 albums - rough estimate). It's called "Running From The Blows" and you can listen to two good songs from that good album below. Love it whenever you're ready to love good things.

Please note: Adult Books is playing out a bunch in support of their good album (including SXSW 2016) so you should see them...if you're the type that likes going to see good bands....if you're not that type what are we even doing here, man.

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