Band We Like: Massage - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Massage

March 27, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Massage is a sensitively peppy band from Los Angeles that plays solid jingle jangle indie pop.

The band of five = Andrew Romano + Michael Felix + David Rager + Gabi Ferrer + Alex Naidus (Alex was in The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and also remember this sweet show from way back in 2008 we did.... oh, those glorious faded days).

Now, when I said Massage is “new" I want you to know that I meant it, man. I didn't say it just to be kewl. For example, do you see an official band photo accompanying this band profile? You do not. They're too new to even be captured by a camera, man. And since forming sometime circa 2015 A.D., (2014 A.D.? I don't know.) Massage has only played a handful of shows (A couple? A few? One? I'll have my dedicated team of blob researchers get on this ASAP). However, they HAVE already managed to self-release their debut EP. It's called "Lydia" and it's solid.

Good news is always the best kind of news so therefore I'm pleased to have some for you. Due to my Herculean efforts at sourcing it from the wilds of The World Wide Inner Space (you try searching "Massage" and "Los Angeles" sometime), you can now stream Massage's solid EP directly below these dynamic digital words....IN FULL. I'll tell you what, the future is a beautiful thing.

I hope you take advantage of this listening opportunity. I think you'll like it (and if for some reason you don't like it because you're either a.) a monster or b.) a unique individual with your own whacked out tastes, please disagree with me in the comments section this music blob has never had).


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