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Anamanaguchi make joyous video rock-outs.

August 24, 2009
Yeah, we still love this band. So what! When Anamanaguchi played our Oh My Rockness party in NYC before SXSW this year (along with Casiokids, a perfect stage/sound partner) we actually were dancing (seriously!) by their set's end --- we made up a move on the spot we later coined "The Backyard Sod Sprinkler on Muscle Relaxers" and it was AMAZING. Man, that show was so fun. How can you not love life when you're watching an enthusiastic young band that uses a hacked Nintendo as their primary instrument of force? Not to mention Anamanaguchi incorporating an array of crazy colorful projections that splash like Fantastia on the screen behind them. Ah, life.

Anyway, Anamanaguchi (if you haven't guessed) is an insanely fun band that rocks out using two guitars, one bass, one drum kit and an old manipulated Nintendo. Guitarist/Programmer Peter Berkman hacks into an original Nintendo and manipulates its sound chip to create, along with Ary Warnaar and James DeVito, some of the catchiest and most delightful rock-outs you'll hear.

The music Anamanaguchi creates is not really meant to be a whimsical nod to our video game playing youth. First and foremost, they're about rocking you out, but they're also part of a larger experiment to make a big sound that rises above the limitations of the out-dated and limiting hardware the band uses.

BTW, Anamanaguchi is part of a growing collective called 8bitpeoples that shares this similar ideology about video games, technology and rock. Collectives rule. We've recently started a collective of websites that appreciate the physical wonder that is the "Backyard Sod Sprinkler on Muscle Relaxers" dance move. So far, Oh My Rockness is the only member.


Anamanaguchi play Junction Block, on Friday, August 28th.


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