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Band We Like

Band We Like: Nice As Fuck

June 5, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Nice as Fuck (you can also call them NAF if you're trying to clean up your act in 2016 A.D.) is a new LA/NYC band featuring Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley and The Wizard…. and Jenny Lewis…. she's super!) + Erika Spring (of Dirty on Purpose and Au Revoir Simone and Summer Moon... and Erika Spring….she's super!) + Tennessee Thomas (of The Like and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and other chill stuff I'm sure….. she's super!).

Yes. This is a supergroup. No “of sorts" about it.

(read more about why the overuse of the phrase “a supergroup of sorts" really grinds my gears in this profile I recently wrote about some other band.)

Now because Nice As Fuck is so new (they've only played a few shows, most recently opening for M. Ward, but that's going to change very soon) this means you're really getting in on the ground floor of this band's goodness which also, unfortunately, means you only get this shitty phone show video (no offense, guy who shot this shitty phone show video) to decide if this band is worth loving.

Or, you could just ask yourself, “Do I like the music of Jenny Lewis and/or Erika Spring and/or Tennessee Thomas?" And then as a follow-up you could say, “Do I trust my favorite little local DIY music blob?"

If you answered “yes" to anything, it looks like this blob will be seeing you at the NAF show VERY soon. It's gonna be N as Fuck.


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