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Band We Like

Band We Like: Jank

June 12, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Jank is a ____ band from Philly. They play awkward pop songs.

And here's the thing. They rule.

This is eccentro pop* of the highest order.

Before things get too serious around here let's introduce the players:

Over there you got Matt on guitar/vocals.

And there's Sam on drums.

Ruben is right there bringing the big time bass.

Together they be JANK

This band's songs are angular AND melodic (RIYL: sing-able shreds), their rhythms often go crazy (it's fun to try and keep up) and they're often funny as hell (see: Jank's jam about going to the hat store to buy a motherfuckin' hat). Here's the takeaway, maybe. You will NOT continue to be in a bad mood when Jank begins blasting.

Jank's released their very good album “Awkward Pop Songs" (see first line of this profile that's been really great so far) not too long ago (what was November of 2015 A.D. even LIKE mannnn?) and guess what? It's really good!

You may now listen to the whole thing directly below and I'm not sure shit like this was even possible in 2015 A.D. so take advantage of the chill fact that we're all living in the future and BLAST IT.

In summation…. Rob Crow would be into this band, I bet.



*I've been trying to get "eccentro pop" to be a thing for years….is this the profile the Zeitgeist finally reads and heeds......we'll just have to wait and see….but if you soon start hearing "eccentro pop this" and "eccentro pop that" and "eccentro pop is dead anyway" you'll know which music blob started the revolution


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