Band We Like: Personal Space - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Personal Space

October 23, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Personal Space is a poppy post (____) math rock band* from Brooklyn.

Guess what?

They're good!

These crazy rhythms (however melodic they might be) slip and slide all over the place and sharp, in-shape listeners who can keep up shall be rewarded with several little moments of unexpected musical splendor sprinkled throughout this sick riff race.

The band's full-length debut (following their EP) is out now via Tiny Engines, one of my favorite labels (home to Somos and The Hotelier and Beach Slang and well just a bunch of good bands but I can't really get into all of them right now I've got a Personal Space profile to finish), and it's a super solid listen.

Good news! Due to advances in modern streaming technology you may blast the whole album right now directly below these good words.

Goddamn. I love living in the future.

*you may also call this "eccentro pop" -- as the originator of this made up musical genre name that impossibly still hasn't been embraced by the Zeitgeist yet it would make me very proud if you did


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