Band We Like: Yohuna - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Yohuna

November 13, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Yohuna is the splendid post orchestral dream pop project of NYC's* Johanne Swanson and pals.

Think warm synths (the Mellotron sounds especially chill) meets lush melodies meets songs you want to listen to again meets style meets wonder.

Since forming sometime circa 2011 A.D. Yohuna has played shows with a bunch of good artists and bands, including Owen Pallett (he also produced the band's latest album which is great and I'm gonna let you stream in a sec), Foxes in Fiction (Warren Hildebrand of FiF mixed & mastered it!), LVL UP (pretty sure those guys had nothing to do with Yohuna's album...they just rule) and Girlpool (same).

Below is the new Yohuna album you've read so much about in the previous paragraph. It's called “Patientness" and (in a nod to its name) this record is a real grower so spend some time with it.

Repeat listeners will be rewarded.

*via Eau Claire, Wisconsin....also home to Bonny Bear!


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