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5 Good Shows To See in LA This Week

Beck, Animal Collective, Austra, You Blew It!, Adam Ant, Savoy Motel, Dashboard Confessional, Tyvek, Patton Oswalt, Feels, Kindness, Joan of Arc + lots more goodness.

February 5, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Below are five good shows you should try and see this week.

Please note: there's more concert goodness where these came from.

5 Good Shows in LA This Week

February 6th - February 13th, 2017 A.D

1. Savoy Motel play The Echo on Wednesday, February 8th (tickets).

Savoy Motel is a lo fi pop band from Nashville.

Think punk. Think funk. Think S-E-X.

Blast this jam if you're on the fence. You'll be into it.

2. Austra plays the El Rey Theatre on Thursday, February 9th (tickets).

Go to this show if you know what's good for you.

Austra rules.

Listen for yourself, why don't you.

3. Adam Ant plays The Fonda on Thursday, February 9th.

It's not every night you get to see a 'Post Punk Legend.'

Tickets to this show are sold-out (because of the whole post punk legend thing) but some are still available here.

Here's Adam Ant slaying in 1980 A.D.

4. Beck plays Hollywood Palladium on Friday, February 10th (tickets).

Good luck getting tickets to this.

That wasn't meant to sound sarcastic / snarky. I really do hope you get tickets. I want nothing but nice things for you.

But yeah, good luck!

P.S. I just watched every episode of "The Larry Sanders Show" and all I want to do now is run it back again.

5. Animal Collective does a DJ set at Globe Theatre on Sunday, February 12th (tickets).

Mammal Inc. spins the hits.

That's how Baltimo do.

Other notable shows in LA this week = Patton Oswalt at Largo + Metallica at Hollwood Palladium (good luck getting tickets!) + Tyvek at The Hi Hat + Kindness at Union Nightclub + You Blew It! at The Echo + Feels at Non Plus Ultra + Joan of Arc at The Satellite + Dashboard Confessional at The Observatory

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Hope this helps plan your show going week.

Have fun out there!


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