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Love of Diagrams' jagged edge.

March 8, 2010
Melbourne's Love of Diagrams are a two girl/one guy trio that play raw, punky pop full of drawn-out spiky guitar jams and No-Wave bass thumps. Their music sounds like it would be the perfect modern soundtrack to any number of 60's spy movies.

Love of Diagrams intense live shows full of blood and sweat (no tears) have made quite the wave in Australia and beyond, and were impressive enough to get them signed to Matador Records. They released their domestic debut Mosaic a couple of years ago (recorded by Bob Weston of Shellac) and have a new one out soon.

Love of Diagrams have toured with some impressive company including Death Cab, Sonic Youth and Les Savy Fav and their tour dates show no signs of an Australian sabbatical anytime soon. For fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves, X-Ray Spex and Electrelane.

Love of Diagrams play The Smell, on Sunday, March 14th.


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