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Dinowalrus make noise from another decade.

April 20, 2010
Dinowalrus is a band you need to spend some time with if you want that light bulb moment of "ah-ha!," and even then you probably will still be mostly in the dark about why exactly this makes you really want to rock out.

Brooklyn's Dinowalrus is a noisy electrically experimental trio that throws a whole lot of percussion, distortion, knob-twiddles, keys, distortion, guitars, vocal yelps, and even some crazy clarinet solos at you. Pop it's not. It sounds like these three guys have been dedicated students of The Game (because isn't rock 'n roll just a game, after all?) and listened to a lot of old Rhys Chatman and Glen Branca records for clamorous improvisational inspiration (or, maybe they are slightly more modern men and just sought out Sonic Youth at their loudest and strangest).

Though it may sometimes seem that Dinowalrus is making this stuff up as they go along, there is a melodic thread tying all of these crazy drone crashes, synth strikes, and beat explosions together. So yeah, this band kind of lets it all out there. I'm into it and you might be into it too.

Dinowalrus play all the time and have shared the stage with tons of bands. A few recent examples: Blank Dogs, Titus Andronicus, Crystal Stilts and HEALTH. Those bands can get loud too. Be sure to catch Dinowalrus when they next play Max's Kansas City.

Dinowalrus play The Smell, on Thursday, April 29th.


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