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Baths bring it.

June 1, 2010
Baths is the one-man electro project of Will Wiesenfeld of Chatsworth, California. Now, Baths brings the big time beats (over just the right amount of fuzziness) for sure. But these beats be crazy! They're too all over the place to become the beats of straight-up club hits.

Late night party people trying to dance to this would certainly be a slapstick-y site to see. Imagine headless drunk chickens playing Super Mario Bros (drunk chickens like to go video game retro, don't you know), and perhaps you're left with effect Baths would have on the (generic) club kids.

But because Baths is all over the place, it sure makes for a more interesting listen than your standard electro jams. It's -- what's the word --- eclectically experimental. I guess that's two words (that don't say a whole lot).

But, you know, perhaps the best thing about Baths is that it's just poppy enough to make you want to come back for a little more. You may not be sure why this machine-made spazz gets stuck in your head, but after a while you're sure glad it's in there. If this was all just strange fuzz and breakneck beats, it would get old after about half a listen.

Anyway, look for a record from Baths out on Anticon. And be wary of attending any club that has this playing over the P.A. Drunk, video game-playing chickens without heads are just out of control. And out of control chickens put your late night safety at risk.


Baths play The Echo, on Wednesday, June 9th


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