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Harlem rocks the garage-pop.

June 14, 2010
So everyone was talking about this band Harlem (well not everyone... my mom certainly wasn't... she's still fixated on Wavves) and I was all like, "Why is everyone talking about this band Harlem? I better check them out!"

So I checked them out. And I learned three things: 1.) This band isn't even from NYC, much less from Harlem! Austin, Texas? Get a rope! 2.) They're a duo that switch off on guitar and drums... promising. And 3.) Ahhh, so that's why everyone is talking about Harlem... they're so darn catchy!

Everyone loves garage-pop-rock with lots of good guitar jingle-jangle, after all (except mom, she likes glo-fi and glo-fi only). And Harlem does indeed have catchy songs. They make me want to get dirtied up. Dirtied up in what, I do not know. But it just might be rhythm and booze.

Harlem is a band you want to get sweaty to. A band you want to ride the mechanical bull to. A band you want to watch and then breezily look over at your stranger concert neighbor and go, "Rock 'n roll, mannnnn... rock... and... roll." And they'll nod slowly back at you and be like, "Hellllllllllllllllll yeah," and might even throw in a "wreck-a-check-check!" And then you'll ask them if they'll buy you a beer and they'll say no. But you won't be hurt or offended, because Harlem's cheery jingle-jangle will more than offset any human companion rejection.

Now I know why everyone is talking about Harlem! I gotta get my mom hip to this. I mean, Wavves is pretty good and all but... there're other distorted bands in the sea to make you happy, Mom.


Harlem plays Detroit Bar, on Saturday, June 26th.


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