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Woven Bones rock the BDOSAP!

August 8, 2010
Austin's Woven Bones are a down and dirty guitar band that often veers towards the darkness. I guess you can call this garage rock, or skuzzy lo-fi, or whatever categorizations come easy when one hears lots of guitar distortion and the occasional piercing feedback.

Hell, you may just be able to call this pop. The riffs certainly are catchy enough. But Woven Bones definitely ain't bubblegum pop though, that's for sure. Maybe bubblegum-decaying-on-soiled-asphalt pop (that's BDOSAP pop for short).

There's something sinister to frontman Andy Burr's vocals. It sort of reminds me of a Velvet Underground meets Iggy Pop kind of thing. And hey, Iggy Pop was the king of DBOSAP, right?

Really, Woven Bones are just a pretty simple rock 'n roll band; the guitar/bass/drums rockers just want to rock out in their own sullied and satisfying way.

Go see them play and expect sweat, grease, maybe some booze, and complete entertainment.

Woven Bones play Spaceland, on Thursday, August 19th.


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