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Jaill makes super catchy garage-pop.

August 16, 2010
Milwaukee's Jaill has one of those hard-working-band-finally-making-it good kind of stories. These guys had been playing their boozy brand of sweaty garage-rock (best heard in a bar) for the greater part of a decade. And after putting out a couple of under-the-radar releases and building up a solid local following, they recently caught the ear of some Sub Pop people, who signed them up.

And usually when Sub Pop signs your band, off your band goes. And good for Jaill.

This is fun, poppy music with just the right amount of grime, and a dash of psych, that lots of kids outside the Midwest will be into. They just needed to know it existed.

As for band comparisons, think The Hold Steady (their current tour mates) meets Hot Snakes meets The New Pornographers, maybe.

Oh yeah, one last thing. This is the kind of garage-rock that will make you want to dance and not, you know, throw your beer glass against a wall or something. Jaill is happy garage... if that exists. Which, apparently, it does. Because that's what this is. How's that for a circular line of reasoning.

Jaill play The Glass House, on Thursday, August 26th.


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