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Kisses play warming pop.

August 30, 2010
I don't know a whole lot about Kisses. But I've known since an epic 7th grade spin-the-bottle session that they make you feel nice and warm. I know even less about Kisses, the band. But I do know this L.A. duo (Jesse Kivel -- who's also in that band Princeton -- and Zinzi Edmundson) have played some shows with Active Child. And if they're good enough for Active Child, they're good enough for me.

But from what my ears can surmise, this is breezy synth-pop with a slightly melancholic edge and a dash of downtempo disco. It sounds like, you know, that almost danceable pop from the '80s and stuff. And there's some Kivel crooning going on, let me tell you that much. A whole lot of crooning!

Kivel's croons have been compared to Jens Lekman, actually. And Jens Lekman reminds me of The Wave Pictures. Waves remind me of L.A., which remind me of being warm. And thus, the circle of musical life is complete.

Kisses' coming-out jam-of-the-moment is called "Bermuda." And I mean, of course it's called "Bermuda!" What's warmer than the place where airplanes and ships go to die?

Anyway if I could turn back time to 1991 and play spin-the-bottle again, I'd play it while listening to Kisses. And I'd also not run away in horror and lock myself in the bathroom should the bottle land on me.


Kisses play The Echo, on Friday, September 3rd, and The Echo Curio, on Monday, September 6th.


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