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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows + Streams (Los Angeles)

Patti Smith, Bright Eyes, Sasami, Shamir, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Dogleg, Oceanator & more!

August 5, 2020


More Drive-In Concerts in the LA area announced. Seeing a show from your car in 2020 A.D., what a world! 🚗

Tune in to an evening of words and music with Patti Smith, broadcasting from Murmrr Theatre in Brooklyn. Yes, please. (September 4)

Conor Oberst's Bright Eyes is doing a special KEXP At Home session. Should be brilliant livestream viewing. (September 1)

Experimental artist composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith premieres the live performance of her excellent new album The Mosaic of Transformation. (August 13).

Dope indieemopunk rockers Dogleg doing a live performance on Audiotree STAGED. Should be a pretty good melee. (August 24)

Surfer Blood celebrate the 10th birthday of their blissfully breezy album Astro Coast. Swim forever. (August 13)

Shamir schedules a smooth KEXP At Home session. (August 26)

Thursday and Cursive and their indieemopunk friends are putting on a virtual fest and you're invited. (August 19)

Stellar songwriter Sasami is set for a sweet livestream show on Noonchorus. (August 22).

Oceanator celebrates the release of Things I Never Said with an album release show on BABY.tv. (August 28)


08/06 Robyn (DJ set) @ Facebook

08/06 Crazy and The Brains, Bridge City Sinners, Whitney Flynn, Days N Daze @ Facebook

08/06 Spellling @ Instagram

08/06 Tia Cabral @ Instagram

08/06 Sick of It All @ Instagram

08/06 The Districts @ Instagram

08/06 The Streets @ The Internet

08/06 Jesse Malin, Jim Jarmusch, Felice Rosser, HR (Bad Brains) @ Veeps

08/06 Lulu Lewis @ YouTube

08/07 Loren Kramar @ BABY.tv (Baby's All Right)

08/07 Almost Monday @ Instagram

08/07 The Weeknd @ Tik Tok Live

08/07 Long Neck, Krissanthemum, Goodie, Adult Mom, Why Bonnie (Blair Howerton) @ Twitch

08/07 The Front Bottoms @ Twitch

08/07 Wild Nothing @ Twitch

08/07 Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell @ YouTube

08/07 FEET @ YouTube

08/08 Shabaka Hutchings @ SummerStage Anywhere

08/08 Anti-Flag @ Veeps

08/09 Luke Schneider (Sound Bath) @ BABY.tv (Baby's All Right)

08/09 Oceanator, China Club, Trembler, Upsetting, and more! @ YouTube

08/09 Voivod @ YouTube

08/10 Brigid Mae Power @ Noonchorus

08/11 King Buzzo (Melvins) @ Instagram

08/12 The Dead Tongues, Indigo De Souza, Manas @ Noonchorus

08/12 Mike Cooley (Q&A) @ Noonchorus

08/13 Surfer Blood (Astro Coast 10th Anniversary Concert) @ Noonchorus

08/13 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith @ The Internet

08/13 Charli XCX @ YouTube

08/14 David Gedge, The Wedding Present, and more! @ Facebook

08/14 The Trouble Notes @ YouTube

08/15 Jay Gonzalez (of Drive-By Truckers) @ Noonchorus

08/15 Switchfoot @ Ventura County Fairgrounds

08/19 Patterson Hood @ Noonchorus

08/19 Thursday, Cursive, And So I Watch You From Afar @ YouTube

08/21 Dead Pony @ YouTube

08/22 Sasami, Mandy Harris Williams @ Noonchorus

08/23 Rich Medina (DJ Set) @ SummerStage Anywhere

08/24 Dogleg @ Audiotree STAGED

08/26 John Medeski, Diane Cluck, Holly Miranda, Sunny War, Judah Nagler, Santiparro, Lea Thomas, Jametatone, Jabedon, DIA LUNA, Sol Lua, Loretta Lucas, Of Tree, and more! @ Facebook

08/26 Mike Cooley @ Noonchorus

08/26 Shamir @ YouTube

08/28 Oceanator (album release show) @ BABY.tv (Baby's All Right)

08/28 LAPeCHE @ Facebook

08/28 Agent Blå @ YouTube

09/01 Bright Eyes @ YouTube

09/02 Patterson Hood @ Noonchorus

09/02 ionnalee, iamamiwhoami @ YouTube

09/03 Slight Of @ BABY.tv (Baby's All Right)

09/04 Patti Smith @ Dice

09/07 Arch of Love, Blushing, Ceremony East Coast, Elijah Wolf, Jelly Kelly, Michael Rault, Pearl Charles @ YouTube

09/09 Mike Cooley @ Noonchorus

09/10 Dehd @ YouTube

09/11 Sahara @ YouTube

09/12 Jay Gonzalez (of Drive-By Truckers) @ Noonchorus

09/16 Patterson Hood @ Noonchorus

09/18 Living Hour @ YouTube

09/23 Mike Cooley @ Noonchorus

09/25 Paul Jacobs @ YouTube

09/26 Jay Gonzalez (of Drive-By Truckers) @ Noonchorus

09/30 Patterson Hood @ Noonchorus

10/07 Mike Cooley @ Noonchorus


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