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Tycho's electro has a warm flow

September 21, 2010
If you've never had the pleasure of hearing or seeing San Francisco's Tycho, but you just so happened to glance upon his song titles (I don't know why this would happen, but just go with it) --- "Adrift" and "Cascade" and "The Daydream," to name a few of these titles ---- you'd pretty much know what kind of listening experience you'd be in for. Relaxing, ambient, low key, pleasant electro-chill that doesn't suck; that's what you're in for. Ah, I'm much calmer simply after writing that sentence fragment.

Tycho is Scott Hansen, who's also made a big name for himself in the design world as ISO50. When he's not rocking the visuals, he's making pretty, machine melodies and beats that immediately remind me of Ulrich Schnauss, one of the foremost Master Relaxers currently in electronic music.

Yet what's particularly nice about Tycho specifically is how all of his songs flow together effortlessly. His set is like one long smooth wave of electronic warmth. Watch and listen and observe the rough edges around your mood smoothing out. Your once abrasive day will slowly turn to silk with each Tycho bleep, click and soft snare tap. I guarantee it.

Oh, and I want to make this statement too: this is that rare "mellow" electro music that is NOT boring. Who knew there could be such a thing! Pretty, pretty stuff.

Tycho plays Troubadour, on Friday, June 1st, and a FREE show at Amoeba, on Sunday, June 3rd.


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