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Diamond Rings bring the budget beats.

November 15, 2010
Diamond Rings is Toronto's John O'Regan. This flamboyantly fun front man creates perfect synth-pop songs that sound totally budget and are the better because of it. This is definitely D.I.Y. It's almost as if O'Regan recorded these jams by plunking on a cheap Casio in between bites of Frosted Flakes or something.

Of course, the chintzy-ness is part of the fun. These are down-to-earth jam outs, so to speak. Diamond Rings also has a really good baritone croon thing going on over these '80s dance beats... which is also fun. Can't keep a good baritone down, that's what I always say.

The overall feel of this kind of reminds me of Baby Dayliner... remember that dude? Anyway, after seeing this guy play, you'll probably feel happier. And happiness is always fun. So are cheap dance beats. So is Canada.

Diamond Rings plays Origami Vinyl, on Tuesday, November 23rd, and (later) at The Echo, also on Tuesday, November 23rd.


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