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Screaming Females do scream sometimes.

January 10, 2011
Punk. Rock. That's what the Screaming Females are.

This fiery trio from New Brunswick, NJ is led by fiery singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster (yes, a screaming female) who seriously lets it rip on stage (and we mean that in the punk way, not the post-Taco Bell way). Along with drummer Jarrett Dougherty and bassist Mike Rickenbacker, these three kids just kind of kill it.

Screaming Females definitely opt for the D.I.Y. deal, preferring to play all-ages venues and put stuff out themselves and book their own shows.

This punk gets dirty in distortion, is full of bluesy barrages, is nastiest when it's noisiest, and, perhaps above all, rocks tempos that are TIGHT. So with all that, AND such a powerful singer in Paternoster, it's no wonder Mr. White Stripes wanted them along on his hot-shot tour a few months ago.

Screaming Females play The Echo, on Monday, January 17th.


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