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The Vaccines: and away THEY GO! (Which way? Who knows.)

January 18, 2011
This British band is about to blow up (over there, anyway). Who knows if that means The Vaccines are going to blow up here in America (also know as the "USA," or "The States."). But with super quick and catchy guitar riffs like this, they'll certainly explode (and possibly implode) somewhere.

These four guys play upbeat jams that mix up elements of garage rock, punk, straight-up pop, and a little bit of epically swirling synth-ness. The Vaccines sound kind of like a sunnier Interpol meets The Ponys meets The Ramones meets Jesus and Mary Chain.

And is it really going to turn you off if I say the singer Jay Jay Pistolet's voice sometimes sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay on certain songs? Probably.

These songs make you feel good when you listen to them, and will make your normal night out turn into a punk rock sock hop. So yes, these guys are getting a lot of hype over there in the U.K. based on only a few demo songs. And The Vaccines hype train is chugging.

See them now so you can say you saw that chugging train before it became a barreling runaway freighter. Or who knows. Maybe the chug will quickly turn into a sputter. Too early to tell, no? Hype... you can be a bitch.

The Vaccines play The Satellite, on Tuesday, January 25th


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