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How to Dress Well = Alt 'n B.

February 13, 2011
How to Dress Well is a guy from Brooklyn (and sometimes Cologne, but by all accounts, not both at the same time) named Tom Krell. He's been called an R & B bedroom producer, so I'll call him that too... though that seems to imply that he makes bedrooms.

He's one of the new princes -- with Active Child, perhaps -- of the burgeoning Alt 'n B scene. Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear are already the old princes... they may even be kings already... my how quickly time and titles change in these rapid days of the World Wide Web.

How to Dress Well makes some super smooth looped and sampled slow-time pop/rap/soulful jams that sound like musical sex. But, you know, we're not talking Color Me Badd here. This is accessibly experimental.

Krell collaborates a lot with this anonymous guy, cokc dokc. Apparently, cokc dokc's name derives from something having to do with foreskin... researching what a foreskin is now.

Anyway, if you want to roll to some jams that are all silky fine and full of seductively deliberate get-downs, you should definitely get down with How to Dress Well. And get the album that's out on Lefse (Neon Indian, Keepaway, The Delta Mirror, more bands that rule).

How to Dress Well plays The Echo (WITH BORN GOLD!), on Tuesday, December 4th.


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