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Gobble Gobble makes happy-to-be-alive electro.

February 25, 2011
California's (via Edmonton) Gobble Gobble is the eccentric bedroom pop project of Cecil Frena (on stage, he has a full band). And when I say pop, I mean POP. One of the Double G's poppiest of pop songs is called, "Wrinklecarver." Instantly likeable and instantly "sticky," this song can easily be a #1 summertime radio hit (if it was, you know, dumbed down a little... too many wonderfully weird synth things going on in the background for FM).

Actually, I can almost hear "Wrinklecarver" as a big-time boy band song. White suits, bowl cuts, and spin moves would go great with this. That is, if this song was... you know... lamer.

But to give you a sense just how pop this is, imagine Gobble Gobble sounding something like, uh, the All-American Rejects (I know, I know, but stick with me here) meets Wolf Parade meets Deastro meets some 8-bit action (Fang Island/Anamanaguchi). Does that make any sense?

Listen through the distortions and lo-fi-ness and squiggly synth squeals, and I think you'll hear what I'm hearing. And what are we both hearing together? Great goddamn pop (Cecil himself calls it "flu-pop," which kind of rules). Oh yeah, Pixies fans; be sure to check out Gobble Gobble's cover of "Where is My Mind?" You'll be INTO it... probably.

And oh yeah, listen to "Wrinklecarver" when watching the trailer for the movie we wrote. (See how we did that?)

Gobble Gobble plays the Troubadour, on Saturday, March 5th, and The Smell, on Sunday, March 6th.


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