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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in LA

Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall, Local Natives, Love and Rockets, Geese, Florist, The Dare, Black Country, New Road, Madison Cunningham, Skullcrusher, Wolfmother & more!

May 10, 2023


More free summer shows announced and listed!

Mac DeMarco is now playing three shows at The Ford this summer. Out of 5 hot dogs, we give these shows 5 hot dogs.

Local natives Local Natives added another show at The Ford too.

Ty Segall & Freedom Band is playing two acoustic shows at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga this fall.

Indie pop superstar Caroline Polachek headlines the 3-day FWB Fest at Idyllwild Arts Academy (nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains and San Bernardino National Forest). See the full lineup.

NYC hardcore heroes Gorilla Biscuits are playing the El Rey. Never got into them? Start today.

Heavy Australian rockers Wolfmother are playing LA for the first time in a few years. Alright now.

New electro dance "It" kid, The Dare, just added a second show at El Cid. Get there.

Neon Indian is doing a DJ set at One Colorado Courtyard. Free w/ RSVP. Summer nights forever.

British post ___ art-rockers Black Country, New Road added a second show at The Regent Theater.

Albert Hammond Jr. (see also: The Strokes) sings his sweet songs at Lodge Room and The Observatory in September.

England's Love and Rockets (see also: Bauhaus) are gearing up to play their first LA show in approximately forever this June.

Stellar Southern California singer songwriter Madison Cunningham is set to headline Teragram Ballroom this fall.

Fans of breezy post retro rock will be flocking to see Geese play Echoplex this October. Take a gander at this good Brooklyn band.

Please enjoy the sweet fragrant sounds of Florist and Skullcrusher at Lodge Room this August.

Danny Elfman/Boy Harsher, yeule, G Flip, Cassandra Jenkins, Rosie Tucker, Suzie True, Movements, Mannequin P, The Joy Formidable, The Paranoyds, The Aquabats, Fred Armisen, L.S. Dunes, LP, Lifeguard, Miya Folick, Healing Gems, Nick Waterhouse and more!




05/11 Talker, Cosmo Gold, Cate Kennan @ Silverlake Lounge
05/11 Tolliver, TELAH, Rhys Langston, Boy Bloom @ The Goldfish
05/12 Wyld Gooms, DJ Bastian @ Bigfoot Lodge
05/12 Dustin Wong, Kyoko Takenaka @ Feels Like Floating
05/12 John Early, Jon Daly, Mackenzie Thomas, Bug Mane, Maylee Todd, Amber Rollo @ Little Secret
05/12 Rincs, Sagittaire, Tunnel @ Non Plus Ultra
05/12 Pain Behavior, Bat Noise, Myriad Slits, DJ Kyle Mabson @ Oracle Tavern
05/12 Banny Grove, Pride Month Barbie, Brooklen @ Silverlake Lounge
05/12 Anti Social, Are You A Cop? @ The Sardine
05/13 Healing Gems @ Bamboo Club
05/13 Dustin Wong, Kyoko Takenaka @ Feels Like Floating
05/13 James Intveld, Dave Stuckey, West of Texas @ Knitting Factory NoHo
05/13 Rosie Tucker, Suzie True, FLASCH, Saftisland, Hayden Johnson, Jake Noll, Brian Bahe, Roz Hernandez @ Little Secret
05/13 Eva Myra May, John Bryars, Succubus, Gloworm, Kunt Cobain @ Non Plus Ultra
05/13 Lia B, Fiona Moonchild, worthitpurchase @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
05/14 Fred Armisen (Playlist Live) @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
05/14 The Pawns @ Redwood Bar
05/15 Cruza @ Genghis Cohen
05/16 The Seshen, Julian Julian, Vinson @ Knitting Factory NoHo
05/17 Pesci in Pink, Dylan Marx, Arianna Amberg, How To Draw Birds @ Silverlake Lounge
05/17 The Winery Dogs, Orianthi @ The Regent Theater
05/18 Klypi, Caress, Gremlock @ Resident
05/18 Aloud, Cassandra Violet, Mawd @ Silverlake Lounge
05/18 Tolliver, BooTY, aliek @ The Goldfish
05/18 Jack Rabbit, Bella Porter, DJ Sarita Linda @ The Love Song
05/18 Wonderful Wonderful @ The Sardine
05/19 Slow Meadow @ Feels Like Floating
05/19 Cassandra Jenkins, Constant Smiles @ Heavy Manners Library
05/19 Ximena Sarinana @ The Sun Rose
05/20 Issei Herr, Lina Tullgren @ Feels Like Floating
05/20 Middle Aged Dad Jam Band (Ft. Ken Marino, David Wain, Frank Barrera, Sweet Teddy P, Jon Spurney, Jordan Katz, Henry Wain, & SURPRISE SECRET GUESTS) @ Little Secret
05/20 Marni, La Bonte, Myveronica @ Silverlake Lounge
05/20 Rough Kids (record release), Ingrates, Friendzy @ The Monty Bar
05/20 Ximena Sarinana @ The Sun Rose
05/23 Yawn Mower @ The Sardine
05/24 Misery Index, Deadbody, Phalanx, Upon Stone @ Knitting Factory NoHo
05/24 Dave Dramedy, Lotto RPG, Acidtrain, Dildox @ Redwood Bar
05/24 Pesci in Pink, Bridey, Chloe Moser @ Silverlake Lounge
05/25 Fred Armisen @ Largo
05/25 Tolliver, V.C.R., Aankha, Talk2Strangers @ The Goldfish
05/26 Ms. Boan, Soltera, La Pregunta? @ Catch One
05/26 Kara Jackson @ Feels Like Floating
05/26 Angel Bat Dawid, Oui Ennui @ Gold-Diggers
05/26 Mollie Jane, Gal Musette, Syd Matisse, Hunter Hawkins @ Oracle Tavern
05/26 Diners, IJI, Dogbreth @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
05/26 Dildox, Acidtrain, Girls on Film (DJs) @ The Love Song
05/26 Stonekisser, Sunchoked, Jack Kilgore @ The Smell
05/27 Angel Bat Dawid, Oui Ennui @ Feels Like Floating
05/27 Civil Defiance, Apolloson @ The Sardine
05/28 Jeff Parker, Jeremiah Chiu, Angel Bat Dawid, Oui Ennui @ Feels Like Floating
05/28 Teal Pop, STACEY, Moonily @ Moroccan Lounge
05/28 Buckets, Drac & The Swamp Rats, Ughh, Reverse Cowgirls @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
05/30 Colm Daly, Dunk Pacino, Reid Devereaux @ The Goldfish
05/30 Xacto, Debt Rag, Coleco Club @ The Smell
05/31 Pesci in Pink, Rincs, Songs By Thom @ Silverlake Lounge
05/31 OHGEESY @ The Observatory
05/31 Monogem @ The Sun Rose
06/01 The Joy Formidable, The Paranoyds @ Garden Amphitheatre
06/01 The Buttertones @ The Observatory
06/02 Sir, Please, Jacklen Ro, Ted Bordeau @ Knitting Factory NoHo
06/02 The Drained, Orenda, The Kyotes, Retronome @ Redwood Bar
06/02 Lonely Richard, Croaker, Plague Vacation @ Silverlake Lounge
06/02 Frankiie, Angel Abaya, Elissa Mielke @ The Goldfish
06/02 The Buttertones @ The Observatory
06/02 Dreyted, Common Girl, Kill Michael @ The Smell
06/03 Steve Roach @ First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
06/03 DJ Alan Palomo/Neon Indian @ One Colorado Courtyard
06/03 EMEFE @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
06/03 Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, DJ Harvey, Cole Knight @ Pershing Square
06/03 Madame Gandhi, Mila Miranda, Shiah Luna, DJ Asha, Mariah Counts, Mortasay, Krisizz KP, Audley Music, and more! @ West Hollywood Park
06/04 Jamie Jones, SG Lewis, Chloe Caillet, Mason Collective, Heidi Lawden, Masha Mar @ Pershing Square
06/05 Hannah Einbinder @ Largo
06/08 The Dare @ El Cid
06/08 Luke Hemmings @ Fonda Theatre
06/08 Cal Fish, Sunchoked, D4U6HT3R, Two Crones, Franz Murder @ Junior High
06/08 Marc Maron @ Largo
06/08 The Band Milk, Rainee Blake, Adam James @ The Love Song
06/08 Rinse and Repeat, System Exclusive, World Destroyers' Pleasure Club @ Zebulon
06/09 The Dare @ El Cid
06/09 Lifeguard @ Genghis Cohen
06/09 Goon, Sour Widows, Slate, Elm @ The Haven
06/10 The Brevet @ One Colorado Courtyard
06/10 Princess Cut, Rowdy P, Pain Catalyst @ The Smell
06/16 Scalp, Violencia, 97 minutes, Smoked 909, Auditory Anguish @ The Haven
06/16 Golden Features @ The Roxy
06/17 Arcy Drive @ One Colorado Courtyard
06/17 Afterbirth Cartoons, Hot Nife, Princess Cut @ The Smell
06/18 Saosin @ Garden Amphitheatre
06/19 Ashley Mehta @ Moroccan Lounge
06/20 Love and Rockets @ The Theatre at Ace
06/23 John C. Reilly @ Largo
06/23 Jen Razavi @ Silverlake Lounge
06/23 Hey Chels, Plum Vision @ The Sardine
06/24 The Astronomers @ One Colorado Courtyard
06/24 Tim Kinsella, Jenny Pulse, Randy Randall, Pink Trash Can @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
06/24 Mirrored Fatality, The Groans, Cleo @ The Smell
06/25 Danny Paul Grody, Eli Winter @ Lodge Room
06/25 Rolex, X-ACTO, Hickey, Chorus Pedal @ The Slipper Clutch
06/25 The Moonjacks, Alternative Citizens, Chico @ The Smell
06/28 Tenille Arts, Callista Clark, Lauren Weintraub @ Troubadour
06/29 The Holy Cuts, Watson Moon, Miss Jupiter @ Silverlake Lounge
06/29 Young Nudy @ The Novo
06/29 Couch Dog, Punk Pacino, Grave Secrets @ The Smell
06/30 Dommengang, Mammatus @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
06/30 Black Market, Suspended in Cobwebs, Sik Sik Sicks @ The Smell
06/30 Cory Hanson @ Zebulon
07/06 Flipper, Grace McKagan @ Teragram Ballroom
07/07 Mickey Darling @ Troubadour
07/08 Throwrag, Supersuckers, The Riverboat Gamblers @ The Observatory
07/09 Coot Corleone @ The Echo
07/14 Brit Floyd @ Ventura Theater
07/15 Plack Blague, MVTANT, Comfort Cure, Puerta Negra, Robert Lane, Brian T. Malvada @ Lodge Room
07/15 Mac DeMarco @ The Ford
07/15 Nimino @ The Roxy
07/16 Soraia, Harlis Sweetwater, Devon Thompson @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
07/16 Mac DeMarco @ The Ford
07/21 Gorilla Biscuits @ El Rey Theatre
07/21 il:lo @ The Echo
07/21 The Adicts, Generacion Suicida, Sweat, Cake Eater @ The Regent Theater
07/21 Disco Biscuits @ The Roxy
07/21 Agent Orange, Haivyn, SpoonFool, Bloodbelly Blues @ Whisky a Go-Go
07/25 The Aquabats, The Aggrolites @ Ventura Theater
07/27 The Aquabats @ The Glass House
07/27 Profanatica, Panzerfaust @ The Regent Theater
07/27 Toosii @ The Wiltern
07/28 The Aquabats @ The Belasco
07/28 Josh Meloy @ Troubadour
08/02 Local Natives @ The Ford
08/04 Caroline Polachek, CFCF, Christopher Willits, DOSS, Helado Negro, Mary Lattimore, Nick Hakim, North Americans, Nosaj Thing, Jacques Greene, The Dare, Teen Daze, Vieux Farka Toure, Yves Tumor, and more! @ Idyllwild Arts Academy
08/05 Danny Elfman, Boy Harsher @ FivePoint Amphitheatre
08/05 Chloe Lilac @ The Roxy
08/06 L.S. Dunes @ Fonda Theatre
08/08 Lauren Spencer-Smith, Blake Rose, Geena Fontanella @ Fonda Theatre
08/11 L.S. Dunes @ Garden Amphitheatre
08/11 Florist, Skullcrusher, Adelyn Strei @ Lodge Room
08/11 Lauren Spencer-Smith, Blake Rose, Geena Fontanella @ The Observatory
08/12 Gabriels @ The Ford
08/15 Clutch @ Ventura Music Hall
08/19 James Ivy @ Moroccan Lounge
08/25 Wave to Earth @ The Belasco
08/26 Happy Landing @ The Observatory
09/01 Kany Garcia @ The Belasco
09/01 Black Country, New Road @ The Regent Theater
09/02 Kings Kaleidoscope, Tyson Motsenbocker @ Fox Theater Pomona
09/06 Ty Segall (& Freedom Band) @ Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
09/07 Movements, Mannequin Pussy, Softcult, Heart to Gold @ Hollywood Palladium
09/07 Ty Segall (& Freedom Band) @ Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
09/14 Bruno Major @ The Wiltern
09/15 ZAND, Madge @ The Echo
09/17 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band @ Toyota Arena
09/19 Joe Rainey @ 2220 Arts + Archives
09/19 Niia @ Lodge Room
09/19 Krooked Kings @ Troubadour
09/20 G Flip @ The Observatory
09/22 Phoebe Robinson @ Largo
09/23 Albert Hammond Jr., Rainsford @ Lodge Room
09/25 Albert Hammond Jr. @ The Observatory
09/26 Gary Gulman @ Largo
09/26 KAMAUU @ The Echo
09/28 Wolfmother @ The Glass House
09/29 Wunderhorse @ Moroccan Lounge
09/29 Wolfmother @ The Belasco
09/30 The Avengers @ Lodge Room
10/06 OHGEESY @ Hollywood Palladium
10/06 Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band @ The Belasco
10/07 Becky G @ The Novo
10/09 Attila, Gideon, Ten56, Until I Wake @ The Observatory
10/13 Apashe @ The Novo
10/20 Turnpike Troubadours, Morgan Wade @ The Greek Theatre
10/21 LP @ House Of Blues Anaheim
10/25 Geese, YHWH Nailgun @ Echoplex
10/26 Geese, YHWH Nailgun @ The Observatory
10/29 yeule @ Fonda Theatre
11/01 Yam Haus @ Moroccan Lounge
11/02 Madison Cunningham @ Teragram Ballroom
11/04 mssv @ Zebulon
11/07 Charlotte Cardin @ El Rey Theatre
11/15 Dizzy @ The Echo
11/24 LP @ YouTube Theater








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