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Craft Spells: New Order meets Judd Nelson?

April 24, 2011
Seattle's Craft Spells (led by Justin Vallesteros) play shiny lo-fi that leans heavily on the '80s-influenced synth-ness. Young Judd Nelson could have been rocking out to this as he made one poor decision after another, only for everything ultimately to end up ok with him in the end. I mean, he could have been listening to Craft Spells when he wasn't busy listening to New Order and Simple Minds, of course.

This band likes to tread the line between sounding both bright and also sort of gloomy. Maybe it's just a goth-pop thing or something. But when those keys start twinkling and that electro drum pad starts tapping, this music is more happy than not.

And ho-hum, Craft Spells are just another solid band signed to Captured Tracks (Blank Dogs, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing).

A good band. I'm going to listen to this the next time I have detention fo r sure.

Craft Spells play (with Beach Fossils!) The Echo, on Tuesday, May 3rd.


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