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Ty Segall keeps tearin' shit up.

July 11, 2011
San Francisco's Ty Segall (he used to play solo, but now he's got two other dudes making noise with him too) is a big part of the small-but-burgeoning San Francisco lo-fi garage-punk scene.

Along with a bunch of other super solid bands coming out of that City by that Bay (Thee Oh Sees and Girls immediately come to mind), Ty Seagall makes hyper-melodic rock that's buried claustrophobically under multiple layers of fidelity-challenged fuzz.

His dirty and bluesy and psych-y guitar riffs, struggling to breath under dense sheets of drone and reverb, somehow manage to scratch and claw their way to the song's surface, forming a pretty poppy melody. It's all very messy and lovely and loud. You can even sort of dance to it, too.

Ty Segall plays Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, on Friday, July 22nd.


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